Doug Riggle's personal blog about orphans, adoption and life!

Orphan Advocate
Doug grew up knowing he was adopted from the fifth grade. Little did he know how impactful that would be later in life. He spent 24 years with a large fortune 500 company in central Ohio - time that served him well. His adopted family, the family he knew most of his life live in central Ohio. All together he's counted up two mothers, three fathers (including God), five sisters, nieces, nephews, great-nieces and great nephews... plus more cousins and other family members too many to count. The most amazing thing, to him, is that it's just a bigger family with different names. Everyone has welcomed him into their families like a prodigal son.

When he turned 30 he finally met his biological mother and two sisters (oddly enough, he's the middle child). They live in the Denver, Colorado area. At age 40 he finally met his biological father and two sisters living in the area north of Des Moines, Iowa.
In his 30s he adopted his son, Richie, who was 13 at the time. They had a great nine years ago. Tragically, Richie took his own life at age 22.

Doug now considers the 210+ million orphans and at-risk children around the globe as his. He soon realized that being a father isn't something you can turn off.

Nonprofits have become his passion. He loves seeing how they can partner together to do even greater work. He's the founder and President of  Orphan World Relief .

To learn more about Doug, visit is site: www.DougRiggle.com